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[Tested on Windows 10+7] – Instagram as one of the largest social networks in the world as well as the largest usable social networks in Iran, is a very suitable option for marketing, promoting and introducing a business or personality.
Nevertheless it, in order to be seen on Instagram, you need to have high level of activity in addition to content, but this will take you a long time.
The best way to solve talked about problems (high activity + time organizing) is to use automated strategies to operate on Instagram

The best way to do this is to use smart Instagram robots.

Ninja Gram Released

What is a Ninjagram?

Ninjagram is an automated and smart robotic name for Instagram that does all your Instagram work, like, Follow and unfollow, Remark, and other amazing facilities.
The robotic has been published as a Home windows installer (+ VPS installable) and is the best option for doing smart projects with swift and varied updates.
With this robotic you can get thousands of real likes and follow Dependent( on filters example: Portray, Pursuits, etc.) per month.

Ninjagram robotic capabilities

  1. Instagram user gathering centered on different filters Position( hashtag, special page Design, etc.)
  2. Self sufficient and smart follow / unfollow (by special list, sorted, etc.)
  3. Auto and Smart Likes (Super Like, primarily based on different settings)
  4. Smart and automated remarks (with likes, numbers, etc.)
  5. Auto Express Request

With the function use of the above Options, you can gain thousands of real-time target-based talents and likes.

A little more about the features of Ninjagram

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Now that you have the imperative knowledge about Ninja, it’s best to take a look at this app’s great features:

Assemble user feature

With this characteristic you can assemble and use custom clients Instructional materials( follow, unfollow, Like, Remark or Incorporated) established on a lot of filters; both in the program itself and in the txt output.

Types of general customers in Ninjagram

  1. Favorite Page Fellows
  2. Required Page followings
  3. Structured on the hashtag
  4. By location
  5. Founded on feedback below Amassing( transitions comments)
  6. By Photo Likes Gathering( Likers)
  7. And…

Auto follow & unfollow feature

You can intelligently perform follow or unfollow operations on your page; this can be performed using the compiled list or program techniques in this section.

Types of Auto unfollow on Ninjagram

  1. Collected unfollow by List
  2. Analogy to those who have given or have not given back
  3. unfollow centered on given days
  4. Built-in unfollow (above together)
  5. And…

By location

Based mostly on the hashtag

Auto like & Auto remark feature

One of the most regular ways to attract real people is to like and remark on others’ posts; this will building up page views and finally raise your page visitors.

Auto Like

  1. Liked by list
  2. Like by position and hashtag
  3. Like by Page Tracking More moderen( Post followings)
  4. Like by hashtag or position monitor
  5. Super Like (Like 4 or… last post)
  6. And…

Auto comment

  1. Reviews on the compiled list
  2. Feedback established on portray and hashtag
  3. Reviews Primarily based on Page Trade extravaganza More recent( following Post)
  4. Remarks based mostly on hashtag or painting monitor
  5. And…

Automatic storytelling

  1. Storytelling collected by users
  2. Visits by Time Story

Updated (Dec, 2019)

  1. Solve the problem of the glider in all sections
  2. Become independent from Action Block Errors
  3. Fix some bugs

Installation Guide

Ninja Gram Released Ninja Gram Released Ninja Gram Released

  1. Open file NinjaGram Cracked Full Version.rar
  2. Install it, and copy paste all files in crack folder into your NinjaGram installation folder, normally on C:


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